Sudanese Scouts respond to nationwide flooding

Submitted by NGooderson on Wed, 08/28/2019 - 09:22

Sudanese Scouts are working hard to serve their communities who have been hit by horrendous flooding, following heavy rains across the country since early July.

They have established emergency rooms from their base at the Sudanese Naval Scout Headquarters and are using a system of early warning plus surveys in the field to help with rapid intervention in response to the flooding and support for the country-wide action.

In addition to their headquarters’ base, the Scouts have set up additional bases in key locations, linked by wireless communication to ensure close coordination. They are providing numerous key services: Scouts in Totti are raising awareness of the flooding and necessary action to take, as well as helping to set up barriers to repel the Nile in cooperation with the state civil defense. Scouts in Jabal Awlia  are active distributing food and are assisting managing sewage issues. Other Scouts are providing key support to local families to move their possessions away from the torrents, as well as helping with first aid. Sudanese Scouts have also run and undergone vital training to understand how to combat malaria and educate others.

Their work is ongoing and supported by an emergency Messengers of Peace grant.