2021 Investor Conference & 74th BP Fellowship Event - NEW DATES

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The 2021 Investor Conference & 74th BP Fellowship Event will take place from 1st to 4th September 2021 in Dublin (was originally 15–18 April).

We will update the below programme information and timing when we have this available. Please note that we are leaving the original details of the postponed event here for now, just for reference.



Draft Programme (info/dates to be updated following postponement):


  • Full day Pre-Event Tour for 30 to max. 40 participants to Belfast to give a deeper insight in the peace process that took place and is still maintained, with a visit to the walls that separated predominantly Republican and Nationalist Catholic neighbourhoods from predominantly Loyalist and Unionist Protestant neighbourhoods, followed by an inspiring peace seminar in the monastery where the actual negotiations took place with speakers that were part of the negotiations as well as Scouts who continued to meet and their personal stories. If time allows, a guided visit to the Titanic Musuem will be incorporated.
  • For Board Members, the Audit and Grantmaking Oversight Committees will take place during the day.


  • A half day Pre-Event Tour to probably Glendalough—meaning 'Valley of two Lakes'.
  • In the afternoon, the 2020 WSF Investor Seminar will take place in a historic location in the centre of Dublin.
  • Scout Groups in and around the city centre of Dublin will be inviting us to join them for dinner at their respective Scout Houses.
  • For Board Members, the Investment Committee will take place in the morning and possibly the Nominations Committee in the early afternoon.


  • During the morning, there will be a selection of four to six guided tours available to choose from. For example: visits to the Guinness Storehouse, the Jameson Distillery, EPIC the Irish Immigration Museum, Newgrange, etc.
  • In the afternoon, you will have time to explore the city centre on your own or with the assistance of Irish Scouts.
  • The 74th BP Fellowship Gala Dinner will take place in the evening at another historic location in Dublin.
  • For Board Members, the WSF Board Meeting will take place during the morning.



  • In the morning, we will visit Scouting Ireland's International Guide & Scout Centre "Larch Hill" and take part in a patrol "cook-off" competition together with Scouts and guided by professional chefs. We'll then have an early lunch together before returning to the centre of Dublin.
  • Departures.

We are exploring the option to organise a post-event golf outing on Monday  (min. 20 participants).

Kindly note that this event is by invitation only. BP Fellows have been sent a personalised invitation via email or post.