From badges to bushfires and now COVID-19!

Submitted by NGooderson on Wed, 04/15/2020 - 13:22

Scout Leader, Group 8 Mexico City and BP Fellow, Leonardo, has raised an incredible USD 28,000 for the Scouts Australia Bushfire Appeal and now he’s also fundraising for the Scouts Emergency Response Fund to COVID-19.

Five years ago, Leonardo set up a badge website, to help fund his “Karuna expedition” when he was living in Thailand. The name Karuna comes from Sanskrit, explained to him by one of the monks he talked to during his stay as meaning “compassion in a positive way” or “helping someone happily”, part of the spiritual part of Buddhism. His fundraising was successful and Leonardo—a Scout since he was a child—decided make a donation to the World Scout Foundation with the early proceeds. From here on, Karuna expedition became Karuna badges.

At the beginning, the company was set up for profit, but it has grown and now sells enough badges to keep running and allow for badge appeals and regular donations to Scout and Guide causes worldwide: from a Scout hall in Fife, Scotland, destroyed by fire to funding for Scouts looking to support their Scout expeditions, and more recently to bigger causes like the Mexico Scout Earthquake Appeal.

“Scouting made me the person I am today and it’s a way to give back to Scouting”, says Leonardo.


So, when the fires took hold in Australia, this BP Fellow—like so many other Scouts worldwide—wanted to help. Leonardo launched badges in support of Scouts Australia and the reaction was incredible! Local Scouts and collectors from Mexico, Canada India, South Africa, Philippines, Japan, Republic of Korea, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Liechtenstein, Belgium and more, supported the appeal and helped raise, to date, USD 28,000, which has been channelled via the World Scout Foundation to Scouts Australia. BRAVO!

And he's not stopping there! Leonardo has now launched another badge appeal to contribute to the Scout Emergency Response Fund to COVID-19 running on the Scout Donation Platform and has already raised close to USD 10,000!

N.B. Karuna badges is a private enterprise and is not associated with or endorsed by any Scout or Guide Association; unless explicitly stated on a product description.

The photo here shows Leonardo in pilot's uniform on the left, as well as with a group of Baden-Powell Fellows at the BP Fellow Reception at the 24th World Scout Jamboree (right-hand side).