Guatemala Scouts: prevention is a personal commitment

Submitted by NGooderson on Tue, 05/05/2020 - 07:46

Guatemalan Scouts sprung to action when the COVID-19 pandemic hit to support their local communities with their “In your hands is life” project led by Scout Group 3G, focusing on three areas of action: a prevention and information campaign; support and protection for the COVID-19 Esquipulas frontline workers; and the management and maintaining of hygiene on the outskirts of their city.

3G Scout Aquela Correcaminos explained that the Group first designed and launched a campaign. “No to panic, yes to prevention; prevention is a personal commitment”. They have already made more than 50 videos with the support of individuals, institutions and Scouts from across Central America to inform and raise awareness of following the necessary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In the second priority area, Scouts are working to maintain a supply of key protective materials (gloves, masks, sanitiser gel, etc.) for the COVID-19 work teams in Esquipulas. To do this, the Scouts undertake a 21km tour each night to the six epidemiological control points  around Esquipulas and its borders, delivering supplies to the national police, traffic police and nurses and doctors in the health centres. They deliver food to an average of 70 people per day, cooperating with  a number of partners who have helped to finance the supplies that have been delivered over the last 40 days. They also provide support to the 24 hour control posts on the outskirts of the city, checking the people and vehicles transiting through and ensuring the curfews are respected.

The third area of work will be implemented when restrictions are able to be relaxed, and at this point, Scouts will visit communities and schools on the outskirts of Esquipulas to work with children, young people and adults on reinforcing hygiene and sanitation measures to combat the spread of disease.

Their 3G project will run for three months and the core team continues to coordinate its work alongside the local government, health centres, army and other institutions working to serve and protect the local community. You can watch a Scout interview with 3G Scouts in Spanish here, from minute 81 onwards.

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