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The World Scout Foundation strives to develop and strengthen World Scouting through the provision of financial and other support to the World Organisation of the Scout Movement. It unites a phenomenal global network of passionate and dedicated supporters of Scouting, "Baden-Powell Fellows", who give their time and resources, and lend their name and networks to help young people to create a better world.

The Foundation itself is an international non-profit institution, incorporated under Swiss law, and based in Geneva, Switzerland. It was established on 14 February 1969, and then re-organised into its current form in 1977, under the patronage of His Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf, The King of Sweden, who has been the Honorary Chairman since 1977.

The original investment of USD 10,000 has now grown to over USD 68 million. In fact, the Foundation has provided over USD 77 million to Scouting since 1977 through direct grants to the World Organisation of the Scout Movement and project grants to global and national-level Scouting. It manages capital investments from individuals, foundations, corporations, governments and members of the Scout Movement who all wish to encourage young people to acquire positive values and leadership skills for life. The Foundation also seeks non-capital investments to support specific global projects, such as Scouting’s Messengers of Peace Initiative and capacity building projects for National Scout Organisations based on World Scouting's quality standard, the Global Support Assessment Tool.

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To support this global network of inspired investors, the Foundation is organised as follows:

  • The Foundation Board, is comprised of around 25 appointed Board Members and ex-officio Members including the World Scout Committee Chairperson, a World Scout Committee Vice-Chairperson and the Secretary General of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement.

  • The Executive Committee, ensures the proper functioning of the Foundation between meetings of the Board

  • Board Sub-committees, such as the Audit Committee, Investment Committee, Nominations Committee, Oversight Committee, etc.

  • The Secretariat, in Geneva & Kandersteg, Switzerland, is composed of a Chief Executive Officer and up to five staff members, who manage the daily business of the Foundation. The CEO is appointed by the Executive Committee.

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