An investment in Scouting

Investing in the World Scout Foundation means an investment in young people to empower them with strong values and leadership skills, to create active citizens who in turn make a positive impact in their communities. Over 50 million Scouts worldwide undertake actions each day to foster peace and understanding, help other people, manage conflict without violence and protect the environment, whilst developing key skills and lifelong values.

The Foundation manages capital investments as well as specific Donor Advised Funds. The investments fund countless programmes and projects at global and national level, for example Scouting’s flagship “Messengers of Peace” programme, which encourages Scouts to do community service and then share their experiences in order to inspire more people to action. Since its launch, Scouts have completed over 2.4 billion service hours through the Messengers of Peace Initiative, an incredible feat in terms of social impact. Find out more about Messengers of Peace here.

The World Scout Foundation has also supported the development of World Scouting’s “Scout Donation Platform”, which helps to connect Scouts directly to donors via social media and obtain funding for their projects, many of which are also part of the Messengers for Peace Initiative. Visit the platform to discover the incredible range of projects and to see how Scouts truly are taking action to create a better world.


The impact

In 2017, with the support of the National Scout Organizations of Singapore, Kenya, and the United Kingdom, the World Organization of the Scout Movement piloted a method of measuring the effects of Scouting on the personal development of young people. The study found a statistically significant evidence that Scouts outperformed their non-Scout peers in nearly every category of personal development measured, across the three continents.

The study surveyed teenagers in Kenya, Singapore and the United Kingdom and found statistically significant evidence that Scouts outperformed their non-Scout peers in nearly every category of personal development measured, across three continents.

Among the key findings:

  • Scouts scored 20.2% higher on physical activity than non-Scouts
  • Scouts scored 16.6% higher on active citizenship
  • Scouts scored 16.2% higher on life skills and employability

The pilot study, the first of its kind, was commissioned by the World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM) using data compiled from Scouts and non-Scouts in Singapore, Kenya and the United Kingdom. The pilot study and the next phases are made possible with the financial support of the Foundation and the Messengers of Peace Initiative.

(The) results are truly ground-breaking”, said Ahmad Alhendawi, Secretary General of WOSM. “For the first time, we are able to show our impact not only through stories, but also through hard scientific evidence.

A second Impact Study was undertaken in 2019, focusing on young people France, Mexico, The Netherlands and Saudi Arabia. This study again underlined how Scouts score higher than their non-Scout peers across all categories of personal development and leadership attributes and substantiated the results of the first study.

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