Ways to donate


Ways to donate

There are numerous ways to donate, outlined below. We’d also encourage you to contact one of the WSF staff members, at any time, to discuss specific queries or even to request assistance to develop a tailored payment plan. All of your donations can be counted towards ongoing BP Fellowship.

  • You can donate easily via credit card on the World Scout Foundation website. This can be a one-off donation (e.g. annually) or you can choose to set up a recurring monthly donation. You can choose to direct your donation to either the WSF Endowment Fund, which generates the capital to ensure the annual operational grant to the World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM) or you can choose to donate to one of a number of specific global projects, including to support Scouting for children in extremely difficult circumstances (Ticket To Life), a Scout food security programme (Food For Life), the Emergency Fund for Scouts’ response to emergencies and disasters or the Supporting Dreams Fund, which tops up Scout Donation Platform projects which have nearly reached their fundraising goal. More information here: worldscoutfoundation.org/donate
  • You can donate easily via credit card to smaller Scout projects via the Scout Donation Fund. The platform connects Scouts with donors, communicating the funding required, progress made on a project thanks to generous donations received and when a project reaches its goal. You can select the project(s) you wish to invest in by goal, challenge or location and give as much as you wish from USD 5 upwards. Every contribution counts and all donations made by BP Fellows can be counted towards ongoing fellowship contributions by ticking the button on the final donate page. More information here: donate.scout.org
  • You can donate via bank transfer. However, if you decide to donate in this way, we suggest it’s an annual option or for a larger sum, as bank transfers incur charges for both the BP Fellow and the Foundation.
  • Finally, the following countries have special procedures in place to manage donations to the Baden-Powell Fellowship, many of which include tax-deductions for tax-paying residents: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Republic of Korea, United Kingdom and the United States of America. More information here.



One of the special elements of the 2020–2021 Fundraising Campaign is the ‘Friendraising’ component, which will recognise existing BP Fellows for the recruitment of (a) new BP Fellow(s).

Example 1: An existing BP Fellow donated the required USD 10,000 a while ago. If he/she now recruits a new BP Fellow, the monetary value (USD 10,000) will be added to his/her donation total, which will then stand at: USD 10,000 (self) + USD 10,000 (others) = USD 20,000. If the existing BP Fellow then sets-up a recurring monthly donation to one of the 4 global projects on the WSF Donate page, for USD 100 per month, in just over 4 years later he/she will have donated the remaining USD 5,000 to total USD 25,000 and will recognised as a new Benefactor Circle Member!

Example 2: An existing BP Fellow donated  USD 25,000 a while ago. If he/she now recruits two new BP Fellows (monetary value is USD 20,000) and he/she makes additional personal donations totalling USD 5,000, then the new donation total for that existing BP Fellow will now be: USD 25,000 (self) + USD 20,000 (others) + USD 5,000 (Self) = USD 50,000 and he/she will be recognised as a new International Circle Member!