Czech Scouts partner with National Hotline Crisis Service

Submitted by NGooderson on Thu, 11/12/2020 - 13:58

Czech Scouts have partnered with the national hotline intervention service for seniors, to offer support to the elderly in over 135 towns across the country.

Over 700 Scouts nationwide have signed up to volunteer through a dedicated application, in support of the most vulnerable among their communities and are now active doing their best to respond to the daily incoming requests from seniors, ranging from delivering books and medication to food and essential groceries.

Thanks to the positive perception of Scouting in Czech society, the national hotline service for seniors, named Elpida, actually reached out to the Scouts for support.

“Scouts are highly trusted as a partner. The elderly do not easily trust any service due to previous fraudulent incidents. The Elpida team reached out to us knowing that as Scouts, we can serve as a guarantee and can therefore be very helpful”, said Barbora Trojak, Head of Communications of the Czech Scouts — Junák.


Professional emergency workers from Elpida collect requests over the hotline, which then get logged into a mobile application. All registered Scout volunteers then receive a push notification informing them about delivery service requests near their location. It just takes a click for them to accept it and get in touch with the person who made the request.

“All registered volunteers are our verified members. They should be between 18 and 60 years old, in good health and they are required to read through a volunteers’ guide and accept the safety terms” added Barbora.


Scout volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to support their communities in these challenging times often find the experience to be rewarding. The Czech Scouting organisation has set up online forums and Facebook groups to offer volunteers a space for reflection, to capture their emotions and encourage them to exchange experiences.

And their actions have attracted the attention of the national media, as shown in this televised media report.


Photo Credit: Junák. Text courtesy of the WSB Europe Support Centre, Brussels