Scout Donation Platform

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Scout Donation Platform

Scouts are Creating a Better World every day. But they want to, and can, do more!

The Scout Donation Platform will enable them to do this.

The Vision

The platform will help Scouting reach its 500 million alumni. If every ex-Scout and alumni invested USD 1 in a local project, it would raise half a billion USD and empower more than 50 million young men and women to change the world. Ahmad Alhendawi, WOSM Secretary General and Wayne Perry, WSF Chairman launched the platform today in Baku, at the 41st World Scout Conference, now let’s drive it forward.

All support contributes towards your BP Fellowship and there are projects from Kenya, Mexico, Turkey and beyond. Take a look on the new app on your phone or follow this link:

Share the platform with your friends, family and Scouters, and empower Scouts’ to transform their communities in projects they have designed.

Let’s do this!