Scouting never stops! More volunteer heroes:

Submitted by NGooderson on Mon, 04/06/2020 - 11:13

Inspirational stories continue to flood in highlighting how millions of Scout volunteers from across the world are driving the response to fight COVID-19. These people are our heroes: they’re serving others, assisting the vulnerable, supporting young people via digital means, launching awareness campaigns, showing leadership in these challenging times and simply doing whatever they can to help in line with the health advice and restrictions in place.
We invite you to join these efforts by donating to the Scouts Emergency Response Fund to COVID-19 (click here). And remember, if you are a BP Fellow, any donations you make on the project donate page can be counted towards your ongoing fellowship.
Scouting is needed more than ever now to increase the resilience of our communities and the Movement is sparing no effort in leading a global youth response to help our world navigate its way out of this pandemic.
Here are some of the latest stories to come in (and click on the bold words that are not in italics to access links to more information):

  • 20,000 Scouts in Tunisia have mobilised to support the government’s response to COVID-19, leading a blood donation campaign, helping with sterilisation, educating others, coordinating and delivering supplies and much more! Watch this brief news report (in Arabic) and see their Facebook page for more news and photos.
  • Scouts in South Africaadult volunteers—are providing essential care services and targeting their assistance to the elderly, people with disabilities, the sick and single parents with children who can’t leave their homes, in particular, helping to deliver groceries and chronic medication. More news and testimonies from Scouts in the Western Cape and Gauteng.
  • Scouts in Kenya are working hard to raise awareness of COVID-19, specifically in slum areas and refugee camps, educating widely on necessary sanitation measures to adopt as well as donating soaps and sanitisers to residents. They are also working with other stakeholders such as local government authorities to ensure that the additional water supplies promised to residents are delivered upon so that they have enough to undertake necessary sanitisation. Watch a news report here.
  • Scouts in Hong Kong are supporting the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer by pairing quarantine bracelets with mobile phones in the Centre of Health Protection. The bracelets, which are connected to an app which tracks the travellers location, are issued to inbound international travellers, who have to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in Hong Kong. Follow Hong Kong Scouts on Facebook.
  • Scouts in Switzerland are coordinating support to deliver essential supplies to the elderly and most vulnerable. For example a central request system is in place in Geneva and local Rovers and leaders are keen to do whatever they can to help others. Watch this local news video of the Scouts in action (in French). And in Thun, when the number of places available in shelters for homeless people were recently reduced due to distancing measures, the Scouts have stepped in and provided their Scout home as a venue. News report in German.
  • Scouts in Bangladesh are running  nationwide “JOTS” (Jamboree on the SMS), where participants send messages to at least 10 friends/contacts to widely diffuse information on COVID-19 protection measures. Bangladesh Ticket To Life Scouts are also working hard to educate their local communities on sanitation measures. More news and photos on theBangladesh Scouts' Facebook page.
  • Scouts in Algeria are running awareness campaigns, supporting sterilization efforts, organising queueing at post centres, organising milk distribution, collecting food and distributing to families in need, relaying communications through loud speakers. More news and photos on the Algerian Scouts' Facebook page.
  • Scouts in the UK have launched a fantastic resource and campaign: “The Great Indoors”, promoting great ideas from Scouts for young people to do at home whilst in isolation. Check it out here.

... and for more uplifting stories, check out the Inspiration Wall from the special edition Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI), which took place 3–5 April 2020.