Slovenien Scouts Recognised for Outstanding Achievements in Youth Sector

Submitted by NGooderson on Tue, 01/19/2021 - 08:51

The Scout Association of Slovenia, Taborniki, has received a national award for outstanding achievements in the youth sector. The award was announced at the Youth Sector National Conference organised by the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth in cooperation with the Youth Council of Slovenia.

The national award comes as a great recognition of the significant role Scouts play in Slovenian society. When Slovenia entered its first lock-down in March 2020, physical Scouting activities were suspended and schools closed their doors. The Slovenian Scouts joined efforts to launch the Ropotarnica project to enable thousands of Scouts to continue Scouting from the comfort of their homes.

Ropotarnica is a website that offers a whole range of remote Scouting activities targeting children and teens.

“The point of Ropotarnica is to bring Scouting to our members' homes” said Eva Bolha,  Chief Scout of the Scout Association of Slovenia.


The website has been visited more than 10,000 times and features over 140 different activitiesIt has succeeded in keeping the Scout unity and spirit alive at times where isolation has become the norm.

Besides creating weekly content for the website, Scouts in Slovenia have also been volunteering in charity and civil protection actions. Over 136 Scouts are active in different units of Civil Protection. The unit MOBSTAC also helped deploy a mobile hospital during the spring wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the challenging year, Scouts in Slovenia have kept up their Scout spirit, thanks to the impressive dedication of their volunteers and their commitment to supporting their local communities. Bravo!

Photo Credit: Luka Galjot and story thanks to World Scout Bureau Europe Support Centre, Brussels