Indonesian Rovers in Jakarta floods' search and rescue

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Over 500 Indonesian Rover Scouts were among the first responders after 377mm of rain fell on 31 December on Indonesia’s capital and the surrounding Gr

Welcome Afghanistan, the 171st National Scout Organisation!

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World Scouting is excited to officially welcome the Afghanistan National Scout Organisation (ANSO) as the 171st Member Organization of the World Organ
“Today, Scouting in Afghanistan is a strong keeper of values inspired by the Scout Method. Once again, Scouting has become a positive force in the liv
Scouting has existed in Afghanistan for nearly 90 years, but activities halted in 1979, eventually resulting in the loss of official WOSM membership i
“This is a defining moment for Scouting in Afghanistan. We would like to extend our appreciation to the Afghan government, partner organisations and N
“The resurgence of Scouting in Afghanistan has been made possible thanks to the dedication of volunteers and the enthusiasm of young people. As a resu
Scouting in Afghanistan reflects the history of its people: Scouting in Afghanistan dates back to October 1931 when King Nadir Shah founded the Sco

Rio Declaration on non-formal education

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Over 400 participants and organisations at the World Non-Formal Education Forum, an event convened by World Scouting, have launched a collective call

Groundbreaking workshop to empower more women & girls through Scouting

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World Scouting held its first Women and Girls Empowerment workshop in the Arab Region, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 14–17 November 2019. The workshop focu
“The workshop was a great success on many levels, one of them was witnessing the constructive dialogue and willingness of men to empower women and gir
Participants also came to understand the global partnership between World Scouting and UN Women’s HeForShe initiative where they learned how to apply
“Saudi women are ready to take their place in society and Saudi girls in Scouting will lead the way,” said HH Princess Sama Bint Faisal Al Saud.
Holding the event for the first time in the Arab Scout Region, in Saudi Arabia, holds a special affirmation that Scouts across the region are setting
“Scouting is not about religion or politics. It’s about developing young people’s capacity and empowering them to contribute to society. The most impo
World Scout Foundation Chair, Hector Robledo Cervantes and World Scout Committee Member, Peter Blatch, were also in attendance to support NSOs in the

Discover the 15 new Messengers of Peace Heroes

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Congratulations to the 15 new Messengers of Peace Heroes recognised for their outstanding contributions in the areas of peace and dialogue, community
"You are important. You can make a difference. You must believe in what you are doing because you are the change."
Watch this video for more inspiring words from the 2019 Messengers of Peace Heroes and read on to meet the 15 individuals and see a summary of their w

Meet the MERK: USA Scouts help feed first responders

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Scouts in Paramus, New Jersey, USA, operate a Mobile Emergency Response Kitchen (MERK) to help feed first responders and disaster victims. It’s st
“This is a programme geared to engage our kids in helping and supporting the community while learning from their experiences”, Hill says.
When Scout volunteers have a good idea, they tend not to hoard it for themselves. They want to share it with others. That’s why Hill was so eager to s
“I could see this programme expanding across the country”, he says. “We have grown with the good nature of people and their belief in this programme.”
Hill says the MERK can feed up to 180 people an hour. That’s an impressive number and it was tested and surpassed on 4 July 4 2019, when Troop 138 and
“The engine and drivetrain were sound”, Hill says. “But the body was in need of work.”
And so the Scouts got to work. Using donated paint and supplies, Troop 138 Scouts and a few leaders painted the rig. Inside the MERK and the traile
“Seeing the programme through their eyes has been a special experience for me and has created an incredible bond between us”, Hill says. “The memories
Story from Bryan Wendell, 13 November 2019, for his Bryan on Scouting blog.

Honours Programme Members visit Ticket To Life Programme

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The 7th Honours Programme Field Visit took place from 26 to 28 September in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 17 participants—Members of the Honours Programme and re
“This Field Visit has changed my view on my life and what we should be doing within our Scout Units to take care of the community we are part of.&nbsp
The second project visited was a Hospital Rover Scouts Project called the “Golden Ribbon” Project. The Rovers started this three years ago, visiting c
“These Field Visits are always very interesting wherever in the world they bring us, but this Field Visit to Bangladesh was very special. It was impre
Following a recommendation by the World Scout Bureau Asia-Pacific Support Centre and the Ticket To Life project leader, the Honours Programme Members