Scouts across Africa support communities in Covid-19 response

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Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa, innovative Scouts with the desire to always do good no matter the circumstances have launched c
Scouting From Home Programmes Many National Scout Organisations have also established Scouting-from-Home Programmes to enable their Scouts to conti
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Lebanese Scouts' ongoing service during COVID-19

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Scouts worldwide continue to show solidarity with others during the COVID-19 pandemic and our network of BP Fellows has shared news of the fantastic e

Canadian Scouting: leadership, solidarity & innovation!

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News in from Canada underlines that here, as around the world, it's business as usual for well-prepared Scouts who now, as always, are demonstrating l
“I feel like during this time, in this pandemic, where we have to stay at home in order to protect others, that we should try our best to contribute t
Due to the popularity of his project, and sharing the ear guard’s design to encourage owners of 3D printers to replicate the initiative, the design ha
Over in Ottowa, the entire Rietveld family—BP Fellows and long-standing supporters of Scouting—has always been passionate about making a different and
Scouts in the French-speaking Association des Scouts de Canada (ASC), one of the two recognised National Scout Organisataions in Canada, are also prio
“The experience has been greatly appreciated by our young people. It allowed us to reconnect with them, to cover “survival skills”, but above all, to
Scouts Canada 10th Welland Scouts, from Ontario, created thank you cards to send to doctors and nurses who are working tirelessly to address this pand
And 6th Dundas Scouts, also with Scouts Canada, is just one of many Scout groups running its regular Scouting online, engaging young people in a fun,
WSF takes this opportunity to recognise every single Scout volunteer who is bringing Scouting to life in Canada, continuing Scout programmes online, l
To add your support to Scout projects from around the world responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can donate to the Scouts Emergency Response

First ever virtual WSF Board meeting

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The World Scout Foundation Board held the first of its 2020 biannual meetings on 17 April, under the leadership of our Chairman, Hector Robledo Cervan

From badges to bushfires and now COVID-19!

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Scout Leader, Group 8 Mexico City and BP Fellow, Leonardo, has raised an incredible USD 28,000 for the Scouts Australia Bushfire Appeal and now he’s a
“Scouting made me the person I am today and it’s a way to give back to Scouting”, says Leonardo.
So, when the fires took hold in Australia, this BP Fellow—like so many other Scouts worldwide—wanted to help. Leonardo launched badges in support of S

Scout solidarity continues: Meet BSA Girl Troop 219!

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BSA Girl Troop 219 Scout leader Shana says, “While we can't do things together, we do things at a safe distance!” There are 12 girls in the troop f

2019 Annual Report

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Ready to Lead! "The World Scout Jamboree, only held once every four years, gave the opportunity to gather many of the most promising young leaders

Scouting never stops! More volunteer heroes:

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Inspirational stories continue to flood in highlighting how millions of Scout volunteers from across the world are driving the response to fight COVID
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First mover Scouts serving their communities

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Scouts at local level were swift to take action (carefully!) to help the most vulnerable in their communities from the early days of the COVID-19 pand