Scouts help farmers harvest their crops for free

Submitted by NGooderson on Mon, 07/08/2019 - 13:54
A group of Rover Scouts from Bangladesh Scouts’ Helds Open Scout Group in Phulpur, Mymensingh are helping poor farmers harvest crops from their paddy
“These are poor farmers, they till their lands in order to sell the harvest and earn some money. However, they don’t have enough manpower to harvest t
The Scout group is composed of about 50 Rover Scouts who all willingly devoted their time to help out the farmers in Phulpur. One of the farmers, Abu
“I have been suffering from cancer for two years. I am penniless for the treatment and I have no money to hire people to harvest my crops.”
Siddique is among those who paddy fields were harvested by the Rover Scouts. He sold his harvest at the market which earned him some cash, allowing hi
“It is my first time to harvest rice and crops, and the experience was very good. What made the experience more fulfilling is the fact that we were ab
The initiative gained traction and other volunteers from the public and private sectors also came to help out. The Bangladesh Scouts has since sent mo
Bangladesh Scouts_rice harvest3.jpg

Ruhi's story: Ticket To Life in Bangladesh

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Ruhi, 20 years old, is a committed Scout in Bangladesh. She has been a Scout for over 10 years and heavily involved in Ticket to Life (TTL) project fo
Foysal—one of the success stories of TTL

In Scouting, we stand with refugees

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"Today, on World Refugee Day, and every day, we invite you to take action by creating a safe and welcoming environment for those who were forced to le
“Scouting fills a gap that family and school do not. Scouts learn a set of skills that they do not necessarily learn in formal schooling such as how t
Due to the inclusivity of Scouting, young people from different ethnicities and communities work hand-in-hand, engaging in a wide range of activities
Scouting for Refugees at Dadaab

50 days of service, 50 million Scouts: Make It Happen!

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World Scouting has launched a global campaign called "Scouts #MakeItHappen" to engage over 50 million Scouts in 50 days of community service, tackling
Chief Ambassador of World Scouting and global adventurer, Bear Grylls, supported the campaign’s launch by sharing a video message encouraging the Scou
Ahmad Alhendawi, Secretary General of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, invited Scouts around the world to share their community projects

Clean water, bright future

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Did you know that in South Sudan only 2 out of 10 people have access to clean water and basic sanitation? Watch how with a single Scout project, Patri

Scouts' support continues in aftermath of Cyclone Idai

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When Cyclone Idai struck on 15 March 2019, causing mass devastation across Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Malawi, Scouts were amongst the first responders.
Zimbabwe Scouts: supporting those affected by Cyclone Idai

Scouts inspire at the 2019 WSF Investor Seminar

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The 2019 World Scout Foundation Investor Seminar on 5 April showcased incredible Scouts, their experiences and initiatives, to current and potential s
The Investor Seminar speakers became Young BB Fellows the following evening

Annual Report 2018

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This year’s report highlights a number of stories of incredible impact. These are the stories of Rafi and other young people throughout the Scouting w
"I have been amazed by their stories. See what a few years of care and attention, skilful local leaders and a well-run Scout programme can do to help

Scouts Australia say “Bullying. No Way!”

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Scouts in Australia work hard every day to address bullying, and today in particular, on the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, the
“As Scouts, we support one another, we learn, we are active and we explore. As we do this, we enjoy the many friendships we make in the world wide Mov
As a youth organisation, Scouts Australia believes that bullying needs to be addressed at a policy level and at a programme and youth enactment level.