Scouts in a war zone

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There are more Scouts than peacekeepers in the Central African Republic. Even in the midst of a civil war, the Scouts are arguably more effective. Dis
Bangui: It is early August, and the humanitarian aid community in the Central African Republic’s capital Bangui is fearing the worst. The Ebola outbre

Improve your community—you can do it!

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Mikaeel, 17, is leading by example and encouraging others to improve their communities.
“If you have something you want to do to improve your community, take that chance. […] You can do it. You have to believe in yourself and know that ev
Following his involvement two years ago to repair a vandalized historic African-American school in his local community, Mikaeel was inspired to do mor
“Thanks to the multifaith and racially diverse group of people, representing America’s beauty, we constructed the trail to honor the enslaved Africans
In recognition of his extraordinary service and contribution to community development and the promotion of dialogue and peace, Mikaeel received the Me
And as Mikaeel says, “A hero is not someone who does something huge and in public; it can be one small selfless act that you do out of the kindness of
Mikaeel (centre) and the project volunteers

Honour Programme Investors go to School

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"We have been in Scouting for a very long time before we joined the World Scout Foundation in 2014. We know from our own experience as well as via our
First stop, Scouts South Africa HQ in Cape Town, to meet with the interns who are running the unique Scouting in Schools project. 80% of these interns
"I have never seen such enthusiastic Scout Leaders as these interns who really understand what Scouting is about even after only being part of it sinc
South Africa 2.jpeg
The kids in the School Troops also haven't been part of Scouting before, but somewhere deep down they understand that if they want to move on and beco
What amazed me most while talking with these young (Assistant) Patrol Leaders is their drive to succeed and how they are able to formulate in simple,
One thing these School Troops can't do, due to financial constraints at home, is to go on a Scout Camp. And let's face it these camps are not only fun
"When we realised that these amazing Patrol Leaders and their Scouts would never have this opportunity simply because the cost per person for a 3 day
The project is published on the Scout Donation Platform were you can donate and when you tick the box 'Count towards my Fellowship' it will be added t
“Field Visits like this are crucial,” says Bill Finerty. “We have all been inspired by the passion and energy of the Scouts here in South Africa – but
As Lars concludes: “Each year the WSF organises a number of Field Visits – to help each of our investors see the global impact through local projects
More impressions of the Field Visit can be found here.

From Orphan to Eagle Scout

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Caleb Powell has achieved his Eagle Scout award, but just four years earlier he was in an orphanage in China and the clock was running out. Find out a

12 Scouts named Messenger of Peace Heroes

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 Meet the 2018 Messengers of Peace Heroes: 12 Scouts—six women and six men—recognized for their outstanding work to improve their communities and
"We are immensely proud of the work these incredible young people have done to create positive change in the world around them, whether it’s ensuring
Messengers of Peace is World Scouting initiative designed to encourage Scouts to do community service and tell the story of their experience in order

Scout cave diver honoured for Thai rescue

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John Volanthen, a Cub Scout leader and cave diver from Bristol, United Kingdom, has been awarded with the Bronze Cross by The Scout Association (UK) f

Fresh look for Foundation website!

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After seven years of service it was time to refresh and renew the Foundation's website. The new website has gone live on Monday 9th July 2018 aroun

1 Billion Hours of Service

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As you know, every single day is a remarkable day in World Scouting, as millions of Scouts everywhere go about doing their best to help others. Howeve

Annual Report 2017

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“When my parents died, I was left to take care of my younger brothers and sisters alone. It was always a struggle to find money every month for food,