Scouting never stops! More volunteer heroes:

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Inspirational stories continue to flood in highlighting how millions of Scout volunteers from across the world are driving the response to fight COVID
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First mover Scouts serving their communities

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Scouts at local level were swift to take action (carefully!) to help the most vulnerable in their communities from the early days of the COVID-19 pand

Postponement of WSF BP Fellowship Event, Dublin

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The WSF Board has been monitoring the global crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus and has taken the decision to postpone the WSF event planned for Dubl
Africa Scout Day Action Week 2020

Australian Scouts serving their communities

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Scouts in Australia are doing all they can to help those suffering following unprecedented drought and the worst bushfires seen in decades, which have
“Emergency services, fire-fighters and charity workers are providing round-the-clock support. Indeed, the defence of our precious, fragile land is bei
NSW Scouts have also distributed 7500 N95P2 face masks to communities in impacted locations, to protect them from air pollution during the bushfire cl

Recent news from the Boy Scouts of America

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The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) announced that the organisation has filed for a form of bankruptcy in the United States called “Chapter 11”. This fina

Indonesian Rovers in Jakarta floods' search and rescue

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Over 500 Indonesian Rover Scouts were among the first responders after 377mm of rain fell on 31 December on Indonesia’s capital and the surrounding Gr

Welcome Afghanistan, the 171st National Scout Organisation!

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World Scouting is excited to officially welcome the Afghanistan National Scout Organisation (ANSO) as the 171st Member Organization of the World Organ
“Today, Scouting in Afghanistan is a strong keeper of values inspired by the Scout Method. Once again, Scouting has become a positive force in the liv
Scouting has existed in Afghanistan for nearly 90 years, but activities halted in 1979, eventually resulting in the loss of official WOSM membership i
“This is a defining moment for Scouting in Afghanistan. We would like to extend our appreciation to the Afghan government, partner organisations and N
“The resurgence of Scouting in Afghanistan has been made possible thanks to the dedication of volunteers and the enthusiasm of young people. As a resu
Scouting in Afghanistan reflects the history of its people: Scouting in Afghanistan dates back to October 1931 when King Nadir Shah founded the Sco

Rio Declaration on non-formal education

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Over 400 participants and organisations at the World Non-Formal Education Forum, an event convened by World Scouting, have launched a collective call