Scouts Australia say “Bullying. No Way!”

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Scouts in Australia work hard every day to address bullying, and today in particular, on the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, the
“As Scouts, we support one another, we learn, we are active and we explore. As we do this, we enjoy the many friendships we make in the world wide Mov
As a youth organisation, Scouts Australia believes that bullying needs to be addressed at a policy level and at a programme and youth enactment level.

Scout leads clean-up on Cape Town beach

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Scout Christian Reimers showed great leadership and determination to clean up Milnerton beach in Cape Town, South Africa, with 36 other Scout voluntee
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Danish Scouts donate USD 40,000!

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37,000 Danish and international Scouts and Guides had the experience of a lifetime in Sønderborg, at Denmark's largest national Jamboree in 2017,

Scouting & Environmental Protection

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Young Baden-Powell Fellows joined World Scout Foundation (WSF) Chairman Lars Kolind and WSF staff last week in Riyadh at the International Conference
Young BP Fellows Kevin and Matthew Aamlid plus BP Fellow Thijs Stoffer

Scouts worldwide committed to refugees

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Over 170 Scouts from the European, Africa, Arab and Inter-America Regions of World Scouting gathered in Brussels from 7 to 10 December 2018 to reitera
“We were really fast, and we took the kids out of the asylum centre", said Romano Camenzid, one of the Pfasyl project leaders. “Out of this, a movemen
In the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, where thousands of refugees pass along the “Balkan route”, Scouts have risen to the challenge and played
“The conference has been really inspirational. There is some great work going on all over the world. Scouts are always proactive. Governments focus on
The event was closed by a half a day conference that was officially opened by the Vice President of the European Commission, Mr. Jyrki Katainen, who r
"I do appreciate the work that Scouts have undertaken in all member states to welcome refugees and migrants and familiarise them with their new host c
He then presented three symbolic awards to civil society initiatives that worked brilliantly for the integration of refugees and migrants in Europe in
“What I have learnt from the project is that if you gather a truly passionate group of volunteers you, can make a difference."
Recommendations addressed to policy makers and civil society organisations that operate in the field of refugee integration were shared toward the end
Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting said:  "The real way to gain happiness is to give it to others."
Today, Scouts, more than ever, are trying their best to make a difference in a troubled yet rapidly-changing world, by generously giving countless hou
 “Over the last three years, our Movement has grown in confidence about its ability to be a leading social force for good in the world. As the wo
Article by Samia Fitouri, Communications Manager, World Scout Bureau Europe Support Centre Brussels, with than

Scouting refugees with rhythm!

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For four years, Majd Elewi was a member of the Scouts in his hometown of Homs. Their Scout hut was like a second home; a place to hang out at the week
“I lost all my memories with the Syrian Scouts and all my friends had separated,” he says in an email from Istanbul. “I thought it might be impossible
But in 2014 the mechanical engineering student re-discovered his passion for Scouting, and joined the Ibn Al-Walid Scouts—a Scout group especially for
“All our Scouts came because of the Syrian War so they lost a lot of precious things: their home, friends, family and society,” Elewi explains. “They
The brass band started small—less than a handful of musicians performing simple marches—but audiences liked what they saw. Encouraged, Elewi expanded
 “The importance of our music band is not just to improve the Scouts talents,” Elewi says. “The most important thing is that our Scouts feel they
Ward Al Afef, 17 arrived in Turkey from the southern part of Syria with his parents and younger sister. He hadn’t been a Scout at home, but being part
 “Scouts helped me find a lot of new friends that I needed because I was strange and new in this country,” he says. “Scouts gave me a supporting
The band shares many of their performances on their own YouTube channel . At one gathering, with the campfire alight and local Scouts sitting all arou
 “It meant a lot to me,” says Elewi. “And to my Scouts.”
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Myanmar Rover Scouts organise flood relief

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Scouts were once again among the first responders when Myanmar was hit by a tropical storm with heavy rains, which lead to landslides and flooding ear
Myanmar Rover Scouts distributing drinking water

WSF Board and Regal Circle meet in New York

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New York provided the glamourous backdrop to a series of recent World Scout Foundation and joint World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM) and F

Scouts for SDGs: the world’s largest popular contribution

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Scouts for SDGs will see 50 millions Scouts making the largest coordinated popular contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, w
 “Never before have so many Scouts come together around an engagement of this scale and I’m excited to launch this global activation for young pe
The historic initiative was warmly received by the UN and other delegates who recognise the unique role that Scouts play in achieving the SDGs, includ
According to Craig Turpie, Chairperson of the World Scout Committee, “Scouts for SDGs is all about the youth of today thinking globally and acting loc
Scouts for SDGs builds on existing efforts with an aim to engage the Movement’s 50 million young people in a coordinated effort to deliver two million
“With Scouts for SDGs we are intensifying our efforts to unleash the power of millions more young people and tackle some of the most pressing social,
In addition to that, the initiative will also provide financial contributions to local actions by Scouts thanks to support from Alwaleed Philanthropie