Young Baden-Powell Fellows


What is a Young BP Fellow?

Joining the World Scout Foundation as a Young Baden-Powell Fellow allows current and former Scouts and/or supporters of Scouting up to the age of 35 to continue being involved with Scouting worldwide and to make a difference to projects at local, national and global level. Being a member of the Young BP Fellows also means becoming a part of an active international network of phenomenal individuals who all believe that investing in Scouting is an investment in the greatest leadership development programme ever.


What is my role as a Young BP Fellow?

Young BP Fellows play a very important role in the network of BP Fellows. The network can contribute individually or collectively to supporting a wealth of Scout-led projects worldwide that positively impact on local communities, and/or Youth BP Fellows can support fundraising initiatives in innovative ways, using individual networks and social media to increase the pool of donors.


How can I become a Young BP Fellow?

To become a Young BP Fellow requires an initial donation of 1000 USD. The aspiring member can pay this for himself or herself, or might even be sponsored by a mentor, colleague or family member to set them on the path towards becoming a full member of the BP Fellows.


How young is too young?

You are never too young to become a Young BP Fellow! For example, if you are under 18, an older donor—perhaps a parent or grandparent—can sponsor you. They can pay the US$ 1,000 fee and set you on your way towards becoming a full BP Fellow in the future.


How can I donate?

We hope that the Young BP Fellows programme will help to encourage a culture of regular giving and support. Young BP Fellows can contact Board or staff members to discuss any specific aims, wishes and opportunities. The Scout Donation Platform is a excellent example of how Young BP Fellows can get involved by either supporting projects directly and/or by disseminating them via personal networks to reach their funding targets. This platform connects project leaders with donors, communicating the funding required, progress made on a project thanks to generous donations and when a project reaches its goal. Donors can select the project(s) they wish to invest in by goal, challenge or location and give as much as they wish. Every contribution counts!


When do I become a full BP Fellow?

Once a Young BP Fellow reaches 35, they can choose to continue their support by pledging 9000 USD. However, this 9000 USD does not need to be paid in one go. The money that the Young BP Fellow has donated up until he or she turns 35, for example via the Scout Donation Plaform, also counts towards full membership. If a Young BP Fellow so chooses, he or she may also opt out of 'upgrading' the membership and instead let it expire.